2-Tier Organic Deluxe Diaper Cake

2-Tier Organic Deluxe Diaper Cake Baby Gifts (TB122225)
View larger 2-Tier Organic Deluxe Diaper Cake Baby Gifts (TB122225)
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  • Ribbon Color
  • Plush Animal
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This 2-Tier Organic Deluxe Diaper Cake has everything baby needs to go green right from the start. The 2-tiered cake is made up of 35 level 1 Organic Nature Babycare Biodegradable Chlorine Free Disposable Diapers. A must have for all new parents, the diaper cake is carefully made to ensure that each diaper is clean and fully functional. Also included in this deluxe gift is Erbaviva Organic Cheek and Lip Balm to protect baby's face from wind, Erbaviva Organic Baby Soap for sensitive skin, Erbaviva Sensual Body Lotion to keep baby's skin creamy smooth, Erbaviva Invigorating Body Wash for bath time fun, and Erbaviva Organic Relaxing Room Spray. Erbaviva products are all natural 100% organic, and as an added bonus, a jar of Erbaviva Relaxing Bath Salts is tucked in the gift for spoiling Mom too. Perched on top of the diaper cake is the plush stuffed animal of your choice. Choose either a MiYim Organic Brown Monkey or a MiYim Organic Blue Elephant. Both plush animals measure 7" tall and are soft additions to nap time. This gift is perfect for a boy or a girl. Choose from three different colored ribbons that are wrapped around the diaper cake, and you have a most impressive baby shower gift. The completed diaper cake measures 10" x 10" x 16" and comes wrapped in clear cellophane and white tulle for a deluxe look. The gift is finished with an enormous white bow.
Item #TB122225
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  • Ribbon Color
  • Plush Animal

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