Girl Baby Shower Favors

It's a girl! Now you can celebrate with these girl baby shower favors. There will be pink everywhere, and you can coordinate your any of these favors with the theme of the party. Choose from exquisite crystal favors, pink girl themed candles, and all kinds of adorable girl themed favors perfect for the occasion.

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Owl Design Luggage Tag (TB17035)

Owl Design Luggage Tag

Say thank you to your guests with these adorable owl design luggage tag favors. The sturdy rubber tag with brightly colored owl design is attached with a leaf-shaped card that... $2.56 $1.92
Baby Shoe Design Trinket Box (TW8656)

Baby Shoe Design Trinket Box

Let this adorable Baby Shoe Design Trinket Box be filled with lasting treasures as well as precious memories of your joyous celebrations. Trinket box is made with durable poly... $3.49 $2.62
Pink Owl Candles (TW9461)

Pink Owl Candles

Make your guests' spirit soar high with these cute-as-they can be pink owl candles as favors. Who wouldn't fall in love with this adorable, perky, and fun little pink owl. Each... $2.34 $1.76
Pink Owl Key Chain (TW6580)

Pink Owl Key Chain

These adorable pink owl key chain favors will be loved by all your guests. These pink owl charms are cute as they can be and we guarantee that it will make your guests' spirits... $1.59 $1.19
Baby Shoe Key Chain (TB2271)

Baby Shoe Key Chain

Treasure your baby's early days with these charming Choice Crystal Collection Baby Shoe Key Chainsas your favors. Baby shoes have always been treasured as forever keepsakes. These... $1.46 $1.10
Charming Monkey Design Place Card Holder (TB5388)

Charming Monkey Design Place Card Holder

Cute as they can be, these adorable Monkey Place Card Holders are guaranteed smiles. These little monkeys are fun, practical, and are suitable for all events. We guarantee everyone... $1.71 $1.28
Little Star Bookmark Favors (TB6573)

Little Star Bookmark Favors

These adorable Little Star Collection Bookmark Favors are perfect choice for your little ones' big day celebration. Whether it's a birthday, graduation event, showers, baptism or... $1.29 $0.97
Baby Carriage Keychain Favor (TB6129)

Baby Carriage Keychain Favor

Share the joy of your new baby, the miracle of life, with these delightful Baby Carriage Key Chain Favors. This adorable baby carriage keychain favor will stroll right into your... $1.10 $0.82
Unique Baby Themed Candle Holder (TB5452)

Unique Baby Themed Candle Holder

Looking for a stylish, practical, and cute favor for your big day? You have come to the right place. This unique baby themed candle holder favor has everything that you're looking for. Artfully... $3.54 $2.65
Cupcake Notepad Favors (TB4505)

Cupcake Notepad Favors

A delectable favors for all our guests. This awesome and scrumptious favors are made for all occasions. The pink notepad favors has four delicious cupcakes designs on the cover, a scalloped edge... $1.51 $1.13
Crystal Carousel  (TB2254)

Crystal Carousel

The Crystal Carousel favor is a lovely and elegant way to send guests home from your baby shower. This childhood favorite is a beautiful multifaceted crystal, carousel shape that features three... $6.91 $5.18
Crystal Candy Favor (TB2204)

Crystal Candy Favor

An elegant way to thank guests at your baby shower is to send them home with the Crystal Candy Favor. This beautiful favor is a multifaceted crystal candy shaped charm, that will have your guests... $3.51 $2.64
Love Beyond Measuring Spoons (TB13028)

Love Beyond Measuring Spoons

Of course, the love for your little can not be measured, so send your guests home with the Love Beyond Measuring Spoons favor. This unique favor is a stainless steel heart shaped measuring spoons... $2.85 $2.14
Pink and Brown Gift Box Candle (TB9447)

Pink and Brown Gift Box Candle

Your little bundle of joy is an amazing gift. After the big day to celebrate the arrival of your lovable gift, send your guests home with a little gift of their own. The Pink and Brown Gift Box... $2.42 $1.81
"B is for Baby" Block Candle (TB20098)

"B is for Baby" Block Candle

Teaching your little one the alphabet will be just one of the wonderful parts of being a parent. After your baby shower, send guests home with a beautiful reminder of this life changing event with... $1.95 $1.46
Pitter Patter Cookie Cutters (TB14049)

Pitter Patter Cookie Cutters

Soon to be hearing that wonderful "Pitter Patter" of little feet? Send guests home from a baby shower with a reminder of that beautiful and amazing sound with the Pitter Patter Cookie Cutters... $2.20 $1.65
"Welcome Home, Baby" Tea Infuser (TB13026)

"Welcome Home, Baby" Tea Infuser

Welcome your guests to your baby shower with the "Welcome Home, Baby" Tea Infuser favor. This fun favor will encourage your guests to take time to make a warm and comforting cup of tea at home.... $2.20 $1.65
"A Star is Born" Bookmark (TB14059)

"A Star is Born" Bookmark

Your little one is the star of your show. On the day to celebrate your little one, send your guests home with a favor that will have them thinking of your "little star" long after the big day.... $1.71 $1.28
"New Baby on the Block" Spreader (TB25073)

"New Baby on the Block" Spreader

Love is a key building block in your little one's life. Send your guests home from a special day is in your little one's honor, with a favor that reminds them of your new love. This adorable and... $2.81 $2.10
"Cute as a Button" Photo Frame (TB25075)

"Cute as a Button" Photo Frame

Give your guests a favor that will remind them of your little one long after the big day. The "Cute as a Button" Photo Frame favor is the perfect way to send your guests home with a useful and... $2.07 $1.56
Ceramic Birds Salt & Pepper Shakers (TB23034)

Ceramic Birds Salt & Pepper Shakers

Send your guests home from your baby shower with these sweet little "Festering the Nest" Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers and they are sure to be smiling long after your party. This adorable favor is... $4.15 $3.11
Heart & Cross Design Bottle Stopper (TB1932)

Heart & Cross Design Bottle Stopper

What better way to commemorate your spiritual day than with these Heart & Cross Design Bottle Stopper favors. Perfect for any religious occasion or special event in which you want to show your... $3.05 $2.29
Pink & White Bath Confetti Tins (TB4712)

Pink & White Bath Confetti Tins

Pamper your guests with these Pink & White Bath Confetti Tin favors! Keep a few for the Mom-to-be too. She will need some well deserved pampering after the baby arrives. These 2" round x 1" high... $1.68 $1.26
Angel Key Chain (TB6441)

Angel Key Chain

Having a baby is a blessed event, and you can commemorate the occasion with these Angel Key Chain favors. Weather you are having a baby shower, hosting baby's baptism/christening, or celebrating a... $1.54 $1.15
Angel Design Bookmark (TB6442)

Angel Design Bookmark

Let this little angel watch over your special event. Give your guests these Angel Design Bookmarks to take home and bring blessings into their lives every day. Each bookmark measures 3" x 1" x... $1.54 $1.15
Silver Cross Design Mint Tins (TB4722)

Silver Cross Design Mint Tins

Mint tins are always a welcomed gift to receive at any event. These silver cross design mint tins are the perfect favor to commemorate your child's Christening, Baptism or First Communion. Each... $1.05 $0.79
Angelic Candle Holders (TB3973)

Angelic Candle Holders

Your little angel is about to arrive, and you can celebrate the blessed event with these Angelic Candle Holders as favors at your baby shower. These candles also make elegant favors at a... $3.22 $2.42
Pink Baby Bottle Candle (TB9402)

Pink Baby Bottle Candle

Baby loves her bottle, and your baby shower guests will love these Pink Baby Bottle Candles. They make adorable decorations and your guests will be cooing over how cute they are. Each 3" x 1" x 1... $1.71 $1.28
Crystal Cross Keychain (TB2223)

Crystal Cross Keychain

Commemorate baby's blessed event with these stunning Crystal Cross Keychain favors. Perfect for any spiritual event, these favors will bring lasting beauty to your guest's daily lives. Each... $1.83 $1.37
"Baby is Blooming" Bottle Stopper (TB18022)

"Baby is Blooming" Bottle Stopper

A new baby is blooming in mommy's tummy and will soon make an appearance! Celebrate the occasion by giving these "Baby is Blooming" Bottle Stoppers to all the baby shower guests. A bright... $1.59 $1.19
"Li'l Princess Carriage" Favor Boxes (TB28054)

"Li'l Princess Carriage" Favor Boxes

The little princess will soon be arriving, so prepare your baby shower with these "Li'l Princess Carriage" Favor Boxes. Your guests will marvel at the delicately detailed carriage box, and they... $0.73 $0.55
"Baby On Board" Expandable Pen (TB18015)

"Baby On Board" Expandable Pen

Looking for a Truly unique favor to give your baby shower guests? Look no further than the "Baby On Board" Expandable Pen. Adorably unique and useful as well! The multi-colored expandable... $3.17 $2.38
Rose Ball Candle (TB20076)

Rose Ball Candle

One of our most popular favors, these Rose Ball Candles are a beautiful way to decorate your tables. Give one to each of your guests to take home and enjoy at home too. Each rose ball candle is... $1.71 $1.28
"Shining Sails" Place Card Holders (TB11044)

"Shining Sails" Place Card Holders

A new baby is full of surprises around every corner, so here's to smooth sailing. These "Shining Sails" Silver Place Card Holders are an elegant way to mark the place settings at your baby shower.... $1.65 $1.24
"Bun in the Oven" Scented Candle (TB20073)

"Bun in the Oven" Scented Candle

Soon to be Mom is cooking up something sweet in her belly, so celebrate the occasion with these "Bun in the Oven" Scented Candle favors. Light a few of them at the baby shower and delight guests... $2.35 $1.76
"About to Hatch" Salt & Pepper Shakers (TB23017)

"About to Hatch" Salt & Pepper Shakers

A new baby is about to hatch! Celebrate the occasion with these "About to Hatch" Salt & Pepper Shakers. This egg-ceptional favor features an adorable yellow baby chick peering out of a "cracked"... $3.17 $2.38
"Li'l Saver Favor" Piggy Bank (TB23016)

"Li'l Saver Favor" Piggy Bank

Give your guests a uniquely fun gift when you give these "Li'l Saver Favor" Piggy Banks as favors at your baby shower. These adorable mini piggy banks make a fun decoration and an easy way to save... $3.29 $2.47
"Over the Moon" Bookmark (TB14028)

"Over the Moon" Bookmark

You are over the moon with the anticipation of a new baby, and your guests will be too when they see these "Over the Moon" Bookmarks. Each 2 1/5" tall book mark is made of metal and shaped like a... $1.71 $1.28
"Heaven Scent" Baby Powder Votive (TB20066)

"Heaven Scent" Baby Powder Votive

Baby powder is such a delightfully fresh scent. Why not freshen your whole baby shower with these "Heaven Scent" Baby Powder scented candles. Lite them and scatter them throughout the whole room... $2.07 $1.56
"World's Gratest Mom" Cheese Grater (TB13013)

"World's Gratest Mom" Cheese Grater

Every Mom is great, but now you can tell the soon to be Mom that she will be the Gratest. Give the new Mom a boost of confidence with these "World's Gratest Mom" Cheese Grater baby shower favors.... $2.68 $2.01
"Pink Polka Flip Flop" Pedicure Set (TB18013)

"Pink Polka Flip Flop" Pedicure Set

Mom will soon see her feet again, and one of the first things she will do is reach for her "Pink Polka Flip Flop" Pedicure Set. This cute four piece pedicure set includes clippers, a cuticle... $4.51 $3.39
"Baby is Brewing" Teapot Timer (TB18011)

"Baby is Brewing" Teapot Timer

Baby is brewing, and it is about time for baby to make an appearance! These "Baby is Brewing" Teapot Timers are a whimsical way to brew up a good time at your baby shower. These fun favors will... $4.39 $3.29
Crystal Baby Bottle Key Chain (TB2243)

Crystal Baby Bottle Key Chain

These Crystal Baby Bottle Key Chain favors are a sparkling reminder that there will soon be a new baby in the family. These favors will serve as a stunning reminder of your new baby boy or girl... $1.76 $1.32
"Cute as a Button" Scented Soap (TB21035)

"Cute as a Button" Scented Soap

These "Cute as a Button Scented Soap favors are perfect for baby showers in which the gender of the baby is still unknown. Baby will be arriving soon, and whether it is going to be a boy or a... $2.32 $1.74
"Sugar & Spice" Sugar Bowl (TB23030)

"Sugar & Spice" Sugar Bowl

This sweet tribute to the classic saying about baby girls is sure to be a treat at your baby shower. These ceramic two-piece sugar bowls are white with the words "Sugar & Spice" on one side, and... $4.39 $3.29

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